BAND Leash Eye ALBUM BLUES, BRAWLS & BEVERAGES LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 4/1/219 OUR RATING 86/100 Classic Hard Rock band Leash Eye, from Poland, is out with a smart self-released album (the 4th) called BLUES, BRAWLS & BEVERAGES that shows a fancy example of seventies keyboards driven hard rock. The band's sound comprises of well embedded rhythm section, the mighty sound of guitars and Hammond organs. It's a pleasure for all of us listening to music where organ has a central position in the sound of the band; surely the lesson of masters such as DEEP PURPLE or URIAH HEEP is clear but  this band is also many other things. Since first song BONES we can feel the fresh attitude of bands such as INGLORIOUS, especially for vocals, while riffing is surely more classic, in the mood of eighties DEEP PURPLE. Solos are stunning in a continuous back and forth between organ and guitars. In MOONSHINE PIONEERS tones become hieratics and grandiloquent . ON FIRE is a real kick in the teeth, an on fire song while LADY DESTINY is more squared and led by organ;the global sound reminds us somethin' from first album of URIAH HEEP with BERNIE SHAW. If THE DISORDER is surely more personal and maybe a step behind, PLANET TERROR, after a southern start, is a track more open and full of surprises. The album goes on with no fillers and WELL OILED BLUES, with its bluesy flavour enriched by a fancy piano, ends in the best way this stunning platter! LEASH EYE..A NAME TO UNDERSCORE!

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