BAND Pulver ALBUM Kings Under The Sand LABEL Gates of hell Records OUT 10/5/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Just over a year after the release of their well-received self-titled debut EP, Pulver are ready with "Kings Under the Sand", with eight songs forged in the best classic metal and hard rock tradition. They formed in late 2016, recorded an EP barely a year later, before joining in early 2018 the Gates of Hell Records roster. Pulver has also made a concerted effort to introduce their unofficial mascot, the "Phantom Hawk" to the fans . Described as an alien warrior tribe that made its first appearance on the band's self-titled EP, this time, the Phantom Hawk (who is featured on the album's cover art created by Max Löffler) has ancient Egypt under enslavement. In true storytelling fashion, Fröhlich and band takes the listener through a science fiction-themed journey that concludes with the epic "Curse of the Pharaoh." After the short intro RISING, it's time for PHANTOM HAWK with its embracing riffs, twin guitars passages, vocals raw and dirty and great solo parts. Darker sounds in BLACKSMITH'S LAMENT while the title track is surely more easy to receive, a great heavy rock track powerful and strong and with no frills. QARINAH is more lilting with a smart solo while WARRIOR CASTE, unique in the first slice before exploding in the second in a classic HM, strong and mighty. Last two great shots are ALPHA OMEGA and amazing CURSE OF THE PHARAOH that ends in the best way this great platter! STUNNING FULL-LENGHT BY PULVER!! ANOTHER BAND TO WATCH!!

LINE UP Dave Fröhlich VC Lukas KunkelGT Alex Oster GT Gabor Eichstätter BG Danny Oster DR

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