BAND Monasterium ALBUM CHURCH OF BONES LABEL Nine Records OUT 6/5/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 On May 6th, 2019, Monasterium will release their album "Church Of Bones", via Nine Records. They provide a large variety in the songwriting, mixing at their best classic sound and doom, all enhanced by epic flavours. Additionally the new platter features as special guest Leo Stivala from Forsaken. Monasterium is a Polish band founded in 2014 by experienced members. These virtues brought them to their eponymous first full length album released in May 2016 by No Remorse Records. Since first song, the title track, the band is able to entertain listeners with their doom sound, enriched by epic vibe shown by vocals. More rhythm for next LA DANSE MACABRE, with a stronger riffing; a fancy arpeggio open the second epic slice of the song enhanced by a great solo. LIBER LOAGAETH is wider while FERRIER OF THE UNDERWORLD and EMBRACE THE VOID are a return to more traditional doom. Closer to Sabbath THE ORDER OF THE DRAGON and SLEEPING WITH THE DEAD is more lilting and dark. The last shot is THE LAST TEMPLAR, really fancy, that ends in the best way this great platter.

LINE UP Michał Strzelecki VC Tomasz Gurgul GT Filip Malinowski BG Maciej Berniak DR SONGS 01. Church Of Bones 5:21 02. La Danse Macabre 5:38 03. Liber Loagaeth 5:54 04. Ferrier Of The Underworld 5:55 05. Embrace The Void 4:57 06. The Order Of The Dragon 4:10 07. Sleeping With The Dead 6:27 08. The Last Templar 7:54 #pressagent ClawHammer PR


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