💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal CHRIS WESTFALL of RUTHLESS! Hi, this is Chris Westfall! 💿 On May 13th, will be out your new full-lenght called "EVIL WITHIN", that follows the well received "THEY WILL RISE". Can you tell us somethin' about its composition process and style? We had the pleasure to listening to it in preview and we were really impressed! Thanks, we're pretty happy with it too. The process was not consistent at all. Kenny had been on a break when Sandy, Joe and I joined the band. The intent was to write material for the upcoming album and we were supposed to have it done really soon! When I got here Sandy had already written "Evil Within" and we were playing a few tunes Kenny had written prior to leaving. Sandy and I were able to collaborate on a couple tunes where we'd get together and kinda throw ideas out there and that's how we came up with the music for Death March which is one of my favorites. Storm was a tune I basically had for a while. I brought it to the band and everyone really helped out with the arrangement and it turned out to be pretty epic I think. Then there was "Fear" I didn't even intend for them to see that. I didn't like it but they heard it and wanted to do it. Luckily when they all added their parts it turned out to be way better than I would've imagined. To me Sammy's vocals really made that song. Brotherhood was a total last minute rush job kinda completed at the last second! Having Sandy and Joe made this whole process so much easier when it came to recording. They just go in and get it right. And around that time Kenny returned to the band and his 3 tunes made the album. We were all pretty happy when he came back. And of course Sammy D wrote all the lyrics as usual and just killed it during the recording. This was Ruthless' first time recording with Ron Sandoval. That was a great experience. He did a great job getting us what we wanted.

💿 You come from California. Can you tell us somethin' about the status of your local metal scene? Can you see positive signs? The local metal scene? Unfortunately it can be pretty depressing! But we were pretty happy to see the turnout at a couple gigs recently. We had a gig downtown and it was really positive. There were lots of young rabid metal fans there. It was kinda like the old days. So there is hope! 💿 35 years after METAL WITHOUT MERCY..35 years but passion is unaltereted! Can you tell us somethin'about first years of the band? Ha! Sammy and Kenny live for this stuff. The original band was Sammy, Kenny, Jack Black, Roland Schroader, and Todd Billings. They did great in LA back in the day. 💿 The real news in music industry is the return of vinyl and audio cassette; What's your feeling about these classic format and the current "music business"? Vinyl and cassettes coming back is great! Especially vinyl, So much cooler that a digital file, although digital files are pretty convenient. 

💿 You're album will be out, again, via Pure Steel Records. Can you tell us somethin'about this partnership? This is the second release with Pure Steel. They're doing a great job promoting the upcoming release. Their guy Dimitar did some killer artwork for us as well. We're all pretty excited for the release 💿 Can you tell us somethin'about your next live projects? Are scheduled any gigs? We've got some cool shows booked this summer in LA one with Vicious Rumors and one with At War. We're also going to New York to play with Deceased and Attacker. Then we'll be in the Bay Area for the first time in a long time. Really looking forward to that. Then in September we're heading to Amsterdam for the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival!! Check out for more info!!! 💿 Thank you so much for tour time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Thanks! #pics Pure Steel Promotion


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