BAND BLACK HORIZON ALBUM DARK LIGHT LABEL Pure Steel Publishing OUT 25/5/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 BLACK HORIZON is a french band on the road since more than two decades. They provides Classic Heavy Metal well mixed with US drop (from speed to love song with piano through the classic heavy with several choruses). As special guests, Blaze Bayley and Andy Kuntz from prog masters Vanden Plas performed on this album. In contrary to many bands from France, BLACK HORIZON is able to sing the english language in a smart way. From first song, THE HUNTER, they shows fancy metal with prog flavour, sharp riffs, all enhanced by an amazing drums job while guitar's solo is technical and modern. OBSESSION is more classic enhanced by epic vocals, while WALKING CLOSE TO ME shows an heavier riffing, closer to trash, before exploding in a beautiful and long solo. Darker the next FREEDOM, surely one of our favs, while HOWLING LIKE A WOLF shows a complex structure all to enjoy! I WANNA STOP is another right shot, between classic and prog metal, while WATCHING (CAMERA#9) is closer to US POWER. MILES AWAY, available in two versions, is the last melodic episode, led by piano and with a guitar's solo again to remind, that ends in the best way this fancy job!! TRACKLIST 1. The Hunter 2. Obsession 3. Walking Close To Me 4. Freedom 5. Howling Like A Wolf 6. I Wanna Stop 7. Watching (Camera#9) 8. Miles Away 9. Miles Away (acoustic version)


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