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BAND ANGEL BLACK ALBUM KILLING DEMONS LABEL Rockshots Records OUT 22/3/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 ANGEL BLACK from Phoenix are out with their debut record "Killing Demons", available on March 22nd via Rockshots Records. The first starter was  "Black Heart" and it was clear which are the benchmarks of the band: powerful sound, solos to remind, melody when it needs, the whole thing inside classic metal music enriched by a modern production. STRIKEFORCE is the first attack with a classic metal background so clear, vocals to remind and an embracing riff with Sabbath's drops at times. The chorus is cathy enough. CYBER SPY shows stunning guitar's solos and the bass job is really to underline. Over 7 mins for DEATH MILL, a rich song with a fancy arpeggio in the first slice, solos are thunderous, riffs are powerful and grandiloquent..amazing!! BLACK HEART is a kick in the teeth and remind us somethin' of Saxon (Official) of the modern day. KILLING DEMONS is another great shot while THE DREAM THAT STOOD ALONE is maybe, in our opinion, a step behind. After KILLING ME, a cover of classic JUDAS PRIEST "Metal Gods", respectful of the original, ends in the best way this brilliant platter! ANGEL BLACK..a NAME to REMIND!! TRACKLIST 1. Strikeforce (5:44) 2. Cyber Spy (4:40) 3. Death Mill (7:41) 4. Black Heart (4:19) 5. Killing Demons (4:56) 6. The Dream That Stood Alone (5:16) 7. Killing Me (3:43) 8. Metal Gods (Judas Priest Cover) (4:50) LINE UP John Cason VC Mike Jelinek GT Carl Strohmyer BG Daniel Beck DR #pressagent Asher Media Relations


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