BAND VULTURES VENGEANCE ALBUM THE KNIGHTLORE LABEL GATES OF HELL RECORDS OUT 10/5/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 Vultures Vengeance, from Rome, are a classic/epic band that defends the realm of the obscure on their first full-length album called "The Knightlore", available via GATES OF HELL RECORDS on May 10th, 2019. On the road from 2009, finally the wait is over for their debut full-leght! Tony T. Steele formed Vultures Vengeance with clear benchmarks; he wanted to put togheter a band of people who had the same passion for classic and obscure heavy metal. However, Steele, who serves as the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist, encountered the usual lineup turnover of younger bands, making him even question whether Vultures Vengeance would have a career to call their own. Vultures Vengeance finally made their way into the studio in 2015 to record their demo, "Rising". The ensuing Where the Time Dwelt In (2016) and Lyrids: Warning From the Reign of the Untold (2018) EPs helped further establish Vultures Vengeance and their deft blend of obscure, epic heavy metal and venerable NWOBHM as a favorite in the classic metal scene. Now, the time has arrived for the "The Knightlore" and in our opinion it will be one of our HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR!! No doubt..this album is literally amazing!! Since from the first shot called A GREAT SPARK FROM THE DARK, a smart classic track where you can find all right ingredients for a good recipe..compelling vocals qnda long and inspiring solo, among others! FATES WEAVER is another right shot in the way of best NWOTHM, with embracing riffs, vocals which provide a different range of solutions and solo parts never obvious. PATHFINDER'S CALL is brilliant, vocals push higher while guitars are ready for the first solo; a great change of time and we're ready for a second stunning solo. They're inspired, structures are complex and we understand that we face an amazing band!! We goes on with the title track, another stunning shot, while LORD OF THE KEY is more epic and lilting and provides next long runaways and structures to love! Over 7 mins for DEAD MEN AND BLIND FATES, so epic thanks to vocals always expressive. Surely one of our favs, a real masterpiece! If EYES OF A STRANGER is maybe one step behind, CHAINED BY THE NIGHT is the last powerful song that ends in the best way this great platter! NOTHING ELSE TO ADD! A MUST-HAVE! (..ON VINYL!) LINE UP Tony T. Steele VC GT Matt Savage BG Tony L.A. Scelzi GT Matt Serafini DR

TRACKLIST 01 A Great Spark from the Dark 6:48 02 Fates Weaver 4:26 03 Pathfinder's Call 6:27 04 The Knightlore 6:11 05 Lord Of The Key 6:01 06 Dead Men And Blind Fates 7:09 07 Eye of a Stranger 4:24 08 Chained by the Night 5:51 #pressagent ClawHammer PR


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