BAND Sleeplord ALBUM LEVELS OF PERCEPTION LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 31/5/2019 OUR RATING 81/100 SLEEPLORD are a band that comes from Ohio ready to release their debut album "Levels of Perception" via Pure Steel Records. This first chapter shows a classic metal flavour with smart entanglements with thrash and heavy groove. A real added value is Ted Anderson's strong vocals, with a range that travels from soaring to aggressive and capture an amazing melodic feel. SOBIBOR is the great example of what we said..classic thrash, epic vocals, the whole thing well mixed with classic and pure metal. BIGFOOT is darker, almost doom, all followed by a great runaway. DRILL BIT is surely one of our favs, so seventies and THE HAMMER is another example of classic metal enhanced by a riff really embracing and a great distorted solo. BLOOD EAGLE reminds us the mood of band such as BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, seventies flavour but with a modern touch! Surely interesting! Another right shot by PURE STEEL RECORDS. TRACKLIST 1. Sobibor 2. Bigfoot 3. Stoner 4. Reason To Live 5. Drill Bit 6. The Hammer 7. Blood Eagle 8. Mrs. Simms 9. Wasted 10. Graveyard Rodeo

LINE-UP Ted Anderson – vocals Joshua Pitz – guitars Calvin Burgess – bass Mick Ross - drums #pressagent PURE STEEL PROMOTION 


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