BAND The Treatment ALBUM POWER CRAZY LABEL Frontiers Music srl OUT 22/3/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 And finally is out the 4th studio album by THE TREATMENT and another bomb is ready to explode! The band that comes from UK don't show many news in its sound but confirms its trademark. Direct and powerful HARD ROCK, surely son of the lessons of the masters but with a personal touch. It LET'S GET DIRTY shows AC/DC and KROKUS roots, a four/four time mid tempo with squared riffing, mixed with catchy melodies, in RISING POWER, they provide their wider side. ON THE MONEY is more bluesy, in ZZ Top mood, while BITE BACK (available also as acoustic bonus track) is a tribute to 80's AC/DC with vocals well managed. We go on with LUCK OF THE DRAW where TOM RAMPTON on vocals reminds us the better BON SCOTT. HANG THEM HIGH is well known thanks to a full-energy video clip before great SCAR WITH HER NAME. With KING OF THE CITY the band wanna show their personal touch and in WAITING FOR TO THE CALL is closer the influence of US Hard Rock. More "thoughtful" WAITING FOR THE CALL while in LAYING IT DOWN the band push again! Last two shots are THE FIGHTING SONG and FALLING DOWN, the last boogie ROCK'N'ROLL to end in the best way this great platter! IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL (MAYBE)..but WE LIKE IT!!! 

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