BAND Burning Rain ALBUM FACE THE MUSIC LABEL Frontiers Music srl OUT 22/3/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 FACE THE MUSIC is the long-awaited return, after six years, by the band led by Keith St.John and Doug Aldrich with two new skilled members such as Blas Elias on drums and Brad Lang on bass guitar. Eleven tracks all to enjoy, with the opener REVOLUTION, that shows their LED ZEPPELIN's flavour, solos to remind and a strong rhythm section. In the next LORELEI, rhythms slow down being closer to somethin' from Aerosmith. They provide us a bluesy hard rock where the personal touch of composers is clear; in MIDNIGHT TRAIN we can find the mood of The Dead Daisies. In SHELTER they're able to be more thoughtful while FACE THE MUSIC is well-known thanks to a sparkling clip. The inspiration from masters such as AEROSMITH is recurrent in songs as BEATIFUL ROAD, while we can find tracks bluesy-driven such as IF IT'S LOVE. SINCE I'M LOVING YOU is the last shot, again Zeppelin's inspired, that ends in the best way this smart comeback!

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