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BAND ALIVE ALBUM "Lookin' For a Future" LABEL Volcano Records & Promotion OUT 29/3/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 Alive is an italian hard rock band able to mix the energy of its debut album with the classic hard rock tradition, showing all with a contemporary touch. Founded by the guitarist Giuseppe Ricciolino with singer Marco Patrocchi, shortly this project has also involved the bassist Mattia Tibuzzi, drummer Dario Di Pasquale and rhythmic guitarist Simone Aversano. They start with HATED IF, a great example of classic HARD ROCK, surely bluesy and british. I DON'T FOLLOW has a different touch, but surely fancy with great entanglements between vocals and backing vocals; to remind again guitar's solo, both fast and technical. MONEY&CONTROL is a winky track, moving trough VAN HALEN's inspiration and faster moments. LEAVE ME is surely wider, smart hard rock with a shredding solo while STAND UP is the more melodic episode of the platter. More energy in LOOKIN' FOR A FUTURE, with a more squared riffing, while OUR LAST TIME is a great episode that reminds us somethin of 80's ZZ TOP. STAY AROUND maybe in our opinion is the only song a step behind, while NO COMES back to US Hard Rock roots. A ballad such as IN MY NIGHTS ends softly this great album! TO SUGGEST! TRACKLIST 1. Hated If 2. I Don't Follow 3. Money&Control 4. Leave Me 5. Stand Up 6. Lookin' For a Future 7. Our Last Time 8. Stay Around 9. N0 10. In My Nights LINE UP Marco Patrocchi VC Giuseppe Ricciolino GT Mattia Tibuzzi BG Dario Di Pasquale DR INFO BAND: LABEL: #pressagent ALPHA OMEGA Management


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