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We had a nice chat with  STEEL NIGHT, amazing Traditional HM band from Mexico!! 💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal …..STEEL NIGHT!! Welcome!! Thank you!! We really appreciate to have an interview with you. We also want to present a couple of new members, now we have Jebuz Mota in the bass and Richard DeVoll in the drums. So you could wait for new and better performances and compositions. 💿 Your debut full-lenght called FIGHT TILL THE END is finally ready. It will be available on April 26th! Can you tell us somethin’about its composition process? We had the pleasure to listening to it in preview and we were really impressed! Thanks, we are glad that you liked it. Well, for this album we wanted strong themes, fast tracks, epic songs that do not bore you when you listen to them and that each song makes you feel something different but we focus more on something that we all liked. They were ideas that arrived at times all alone, other times they appear when you are reading a book and others only to express what you feel through music. The difficult part is not to abandon the style but at the same time it must make all songs a little different. It helps to mix ideas or inspirations of bands that are not of the same musical style, you must visualize how something can come up with such mixtures of styles or ideas and finally giving them a touch of our musical style. 💿 Can you tell us somethin'about the birth of the band? Which bands have influenced you the most? Well, the band was born from the beginning with the idea of reviving the classic sounds of Heavy Metal, also with the idea of growing in the musical field and as a serious project. The main bands that influenced us are Traditional Heavy Metal bands (from the 80s and new bands) such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Tokyo Blade, Virtue - Nwobhm, MANOWAR, Pretty Maids, Air Raid, Hitten , Enforcer, CAULDRON, Striker among others. 💿 In 2018 you partecipated in the WACKEN METAL BATTLE in Mexico, winning the first place and in the same year you partecipated in the W.M.B. in Germany! Can you tell us about these experiences? Those were incredible experiences. When we signed up for the event we did not think we could win, although of course we were going with that goal, although being a very young band (about a year) and meeting other contending bands with more experience we felt it would be difficult so we also thought "If we do not win at least that this event helps us to make ourselves known" but in the end we won and we went crazy with emotion. We remember that night we talked with great personalities of the scene while they told us anecdotes and gave us advice, after that I remember that we were tired and the only thing we wanted was to sleep hahaha. For Germany, the experience was incredible, knowing that we would play at the biggest metal festival was a dream come true, our family and friends helped us a lot, whom we always carry with us in our minds. At first the trip was hard, traveling alone to Europe stressed us because we did not know many things about transport but we met people on the way who helped us get to Hamburg where they would wait for us to move to Wacken, where our Mexican humor helped us be many friends. We knew that the people from there really appreciated us a lot, we realized the day of the presentation when they opened the curtains and we saw hundreds of headbangers waiting for us. That forced us to forget the nerves and destroy the stage, with people singing, shouting, flags waving and with an incredible chorus at the end of the presentation shouting "Mexico". Memories that we will really have for the rest of our lives and that motivate us to want to do bigger and better things. 💿 You come from Mexico. Can You tell us somethin’about about your local metal scene? It’s something really hard. In Mexico the Heavy Metal is not one of the most popular styles of music. That’s why the scene is really small, but we really don’t care much about it and we work hard to bring records and performances that are worthwhile. We think that if something is good the people will like it, and it mustn’t have to be in the local scene necessarily. 💿 The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl and cassette; What’s your feeling about these classic format and the current music “business”? We think that all that kind of stuffs are very cool. We all like the 80’s Heavy Metal and all the things that bring back that ambiance. There are very nostalgic and evoke the feeling of all the great albums that were released in that time.

💿 FIGHT TILL THE END will be out via IRON SHIELD RECORDS? Can you tell us somethin'about the partnership with them? The agreement was win-win for both, they make a certain amount of records and they give us a part of those records for sale and that profit is for us. The rest is sold by Iron Shield in Europe and Japan, which also benefits us as advertising and to make us known abroad. I think it's fair for both of us. 💿 Can you tell us somethin’ about your next live projects? Are scheduled any gigs? As you mentioned at the beginning of the interview, on April 26th, we’re going to release the physical format of our album FIGHT TILL THE END, and with that will begin the national gig to promote it. After that we don’t have any appearance scheduled yet, but we can make some participations in Metal festivals through Latin America or Europe. All that is only in talk right now. 💿 Amazing cover for FTTE!! Can you tell us somethin' about? Yes, it's a cover that we all liked. At the beginning we had other options for which we paid but nothing that we liked, then we began to talk among the band. Raul proposed the name of the album based on a song of the band the idea was emerging according to the lyrics, battles, fight until the end, etc. We decided that the typography would be yellow, like in those classic iron maiden albums, so that it would be a visual blow along with the contrast of the blue logo that identifies us, with some changes on this by the advice of the one who is now our manager haha. We leave the art to our vocalist Jahaziel who has some knowledge in Photoshop, and based on the talks we had, I create the current image, inspired by Rhapsody style albums, Hammerfall and scenes of the Lord of the Rings to make it. We wanted a forceful cover that when someone saw the record in stores they would get attention and they would buy it and when they see it they will remember all those passages with which we fantasize and imagine who the winner at the end was. 

So the result was the one that everyone knows, a surrealist image worthy of European legends.

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! We hope to be back with good news very soon. Thanks to Hardrockheavymetal for giving us this space and reach all your audience. See you, and remember WE ARE METAL! #pics Pure Steel Promotion Iron Shield Records


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