BAND RUTHLESS ALBUM EVIL WITHIN LABEL PURE STEEL RECORDS OUT 31/5/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 RUTHLESS are alive and kickin' and "Evil Within" is the comeback album after “They Rise” out in 2015. Pure Steel Records is the label chosen again. Guitarist Ken McGee and singer Sammy DeJohn hold the flag of US Metal band high since 1982. Well-known for their classic EP “Metal Without Mercy” (1984) and the 1986 debut “Discipline Of Steel”, RUTHLESS are still ready for make happy their fans. The new album contains nine compositions composed by the young team members - Sandy K. Vasquez (bass) and Chris Westfall (guitar) - as well as by Ken McGee. STORM OF SOUL starts with an epic crescendo, a great example of fancy classic US METAL led by thunderous bass. Vocals parts are fine tailored, solo is inspired and riffing is embracing. ATROCITIES starts right now determined and lilting, with a riffing between classic metal and trash. IN BLOOD is surely more classic, with great vocals, that push higher! Solo parts are always excellent. The title track is a real gem and we can find all: solo parts to remind, structures and right feeling!! FEAR NEVER SLEEPS is another right shot before SKULLS..a real kick in the teeth in the first slice, but able to be many things when it needs. DEATH MARCH hit us for its structures, almost "progmetal" in the first slice before developing itself thanks to amazing entanglements between bass and guitars. Last two shots are the great and row THE BROTHERHOOD and CRYPTIC RUINS that ends in the best way this appreciated comeback!! TO SUGGEST!

TRACKLIST 1. Storm Of Souls 2. Atrocities 3. In Blood 4. Evil Within 5. Fear Never Sleeps 6. Skulls 7. Death March 8. The Brotherhood 9. Cryptic Ruins

LINE-UP Sammy DeJohn VC Kenny McGee GT Sandy Vasquez BG Chris Westfall GT Joe Aghassi DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion RUTHLESS Pure Steel Records 


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