BAND Alchemy ALBUM DYADIC LABEL Street Symphonies/Burning Minds Music Group OUT 29/3/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 Italian band ALCHEMY are ready with new album called DYADIC, out via STREET SYMPHONIES/BURNING MINDS on March 29th. This platter is absolutely various making happy fans who love sounds in a range between AOR and Hard Rock, even if our readers know that we don't like too much classifications. They start with a pomp KB attack in CURSED, a great song in the middle beetwen AOR and HARD ROCK, enhanced by a smart production. ONE STEP AWAY is even better than the opening track, being more "chromed" and developing itself in somethin' more melodic. ENDLESS QUEST starts faster with vocals parts well-balanced; surely an harder episode, always with an FM appeal. Another melodic break in WHAT IT TAKES, before NUKETOWN, the "perfect" song that provides HARD ROCK with good energy, eighties KB and a smart guitar's solo. DAY BY DAY and HERO are another melodic break before LOST IN THE DARK, one of our favs, a more fleshy hard rock. We goes on with GOODBYE, a fancy melodic episode powered by piano before blowin' up in a brilliant guitar solo. Another gem is TAKE ANOTHER SHOT, before PRISONER ends in the best way this great album! Nothin else to add!!

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