BAND ATHLANTIS ALBUM THE WAY TO ROCK AND ROLL LABEL Diamonds Prod. OUT 03/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Athlantis are a band born in 2003 by bass player STEVE VAWAMAS (Mastercastle, Ruxt) focused on powermetal. Their first self-titled album saw ROBERTO TIRANTI (Labyrinth) and Pier Gonella (Vanexa, Necrodeath) involved. M.W.N.D. , METALMORPHOSIS and CHAPTER IV followed the debut and now the band is out with the new job called THE WAY TO ROCK AND ROLL. The new line up consists of STEVE VAWAMAS on bass guitar, PIER GONELLA on guitars, DAVIDE DELL'ORTO on vocals, ALESSANDRO BISSA on drums and STEFANO MOLINARI on keyboards. A smart job, able to mix the power influence from the roots, with classic HM, Hard Rock and melodic elements. They are able to be powerful in songs such as LETTER TO A SON, classic HM at best level with a modern production, all enhanced by melodic drop. PRAYER TO THE LORD is a wider song, with vocals with the right dose of emphasis. Sharp riffs in HEAVEN CAN WAIT, with darker vocals in the first slice and another one guitar's solo again to remind. FORGIVE ME opens a more melodic way, amplified in NO PAIN NO MORE, where vocals and piano blend into somethin' really cool and fancy. BLACK ROSE is a restart more strong and squared, with a top guitar solo really inspired. LADY STARLIGHT goes on in the same way before IF I, one of our favs, with roaring bass, vocals that push, eighties keyboards and a bit of melody. After great REBORN, the title track is a real kick in the teeth, a long runaway..a powerful heavy rock that remind us the mood of other italian legends such as VANADIUM. A STUNNING ALBUM..NOTHIN' ELSE TO ADD!!

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