BLITZKRIEG AT GRIMM UP NORTH FEST WHO BLITZKRIEG WHEN BURY, GREATER MANCHESTER (UK) WHEN 8/3/2019 SETLIST ARMAGEDDON REIGN OF FIRE RETURN TO VILLAGE ANGELS OR DEMONS A TIME OF CHANGES ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE V LOUD AND PROUD THE HELLION / CALL FPR THE PRIEST BLITZKRIEG BURIED ALIVE Headliner of first day of GRIMM UP NORTH FEST was BLITZKRIEG, the band of BRIAN ROSS and KEN JOHNSON, enhanced by amazing ALAN ROSS (GT), LIAM FERGUSON (BG) and MATT GRAHAM (DR). With the iconic voice of BRIAN ROSS, personally seen with Satan (Band) some weeks ago, there was space for many classics and also for songs taken from laststunning album JUDGE OR NOT. There was also a great tribute to Judas Priest, mentioned as fav band by BRIAN ROSS, with the double shot THE HELLION/CALL FOR THE PRIEST, before ending with classic BURIED ALIVE.

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