BAND METALL ALBUM METAL FIRE LABEL IRON SHIELD RECORDS OUT 26/4/2019 OUR RATING 81/100 METALL was founded in 1982 in the GDR and since 1985 they had a stable line-up with Thomas Post, Roland Tschech, Uwe Lerach, Ronald Schulze, Sven Rappoldt. In this times the band recorded some titles for bigger GDR radiostations. Songs such as "Easy Rider" & "Vulcane der Erde" are often on hot places in rock & Metal charts! In 1988 this band changed moniker in HEADLESS and more titles recorded, and for the first time, on vinyl (Split LP "Speed Up" on Label Z) Sadly band split in 1991 but 2013 was time for a restart with founder and old member Sven Rappoldt (the owner of legendary Halford Metal Bar in Berlin). In 2017 came out the first full album "Metalheads out", suppoeted by several gigs live (Taunus Metal Fest , Rude Open Air or as Opener for Bullet). Now it's time for the second album, available on April 26th via IRON SHIELD, always able to support underground. Eight songs with anthem EASY RIDER available also in German Version as bonus track. It's surely a various album that shows a full spectrum of Heavy Metal, from classic and "teutonic" metal to more traditional with long runaways and classic thrash. We can find a more melodic start in STAY FOR A NIGHT TO PRAY and vocals shows a wide range, for classic to scratchy moments; lastly all solos are always inspired. SURELY INTERESTING..AN IRON HEAT THAT WILL SUPRISE YOU!

TRACKLIST 1. Metal Maniacs 2. What is Real 3. Master Key 4. Stay for a Night to Pray 5. Hold the Line 6. Beneath my Mind 7. Easy Rider 8. Metal for you 9. Easy Rider (German Version, Bonustrack) LINE-UP Joel Stieve Dawe VC Christian Beyer GT Ben GT Sven Rappoldt BG VC Marco Thäle DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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