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OUT 8/3/2019


First album with UNIVERSAL, after the hiatus with italian label FRONTIERS, but the real "shock" isn't that but, in our opinion, this album.

We have waited some days before writin' our opinions, wishing that more listening could change our thoughts..but wasn't happened..

We are really sorry because TESLA is a band who deserves respect but sadly SHOCK is a "big one" misstep..

Songs disappoint us, vocals of JEFF KEITH don' t scratch, solos aren't to remind, maybe the choice of PHIL COLLEN as producer wasn't right..honestly nothin' seems to work..

If YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE seems decent, already with TASTE LIKE we were beginning to get worried.. all sounds such as worst DEF LEPPARD..

The overdose of honey in WE CAN RULE THE WORLD, or elettro-pop/rock of SHOCK are difficult to swallow..

On the same way LOVE IS A FIRE or CALIFORNIA SUMMER SONG..what's happened guys?!

After FOREVER LOVING YOU, maybe we can see somethin' better in THE MISSION or TIED TO THE TRACKS (the lonely song with trademark's sound, but ballad AFTERLIFE, the punky I WANT EVERYTHING and the "drums'n'bass" last track COMFORT ZONE end sadly this awaited return..

Wishing that it's only a false move, anyway respect for this classic band.

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