BAND ATTIKA ALBUM When Heroes Fall LABEL PURE STEEL RECORDS OUT 26/04/2019 (REISSUE) OUR RATING 81/10 ATTIKA comes from the same age as RITUAL, whose reissue of 'Trials Of Torment' was recently released by Pure Steel Records. 'When Heroes Fall' by ATTIKA was out in 1991 only as cassette format, but only two years later was officially released on CD. They play classic/US POWER HM and with their second album they came back again with might to the scene after releasing their debut on their own in 1988. Surely a classic with a flavour really various throughout songs; we can find more regular tracks, but we can find also darker parts and more "melodic" drops Remastered by Robert Romagna, this reissue is out with nine eoriginal songs and a bonus live version of "Silent Rage". TRACKLIST 1. Filming the Tragedy 2. Silent Rage 3. When Heroes Fall 4. Prisoners of Habit 5. Hollow Grave 6. Deliverer 7. Seventh Sign 8. The Shame 9. Black Rose 10. Silent Rage - Live (Bonustrack) DISCOGRAPHY 1. Attika (1988) 2. When Heroes Fall (1991) LINE UP Robert Van War VC Joe Longobardi GT Dan Rubel BG Jeff Patelski DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion Attika Pure Steel Records Audiostahl Robert Romagna


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