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OUT 26 04 2019 OUR RATING 90/100 CHEVALIER, well-known band on our pages, that comes from FINLAND, will release their debut full-length called "Destiny Calls", out on April 26th via Gates of Hell Records. CHEVALIER shows their #speedmetal attitude well mixed with epic song arrangements, the whole thing enriched by vocals of Emma Grönqvist. Recorded across two separate sessions in November 2018 at Black Floyd Analog Studio in Hämeenkyrö, CHEVALIER made it a point to ensure the rough and ragged atmos

phere found on last year's "Chapitre II" EP was captured. The band (vocalist Emma Grönqvist, guitarist Tommi and Mikko, bassist Sebastian Bergman and drummer Joel) founds the right way to show an album so various but, at the same time, always full of surprises. After a short intro the first shot is THE IMMUREMENT, that starts strong with an embracing riff, enhanced by a pressing rhythm section; the production is intentionally vintage. Another right shot is THE CURSE OF THE DEAD STAR, a track that grows second after second, becoming darker and followed by lilting rhythms. But next we can find tasty runaways and solo parts always to remind. Almost 8 mins for ROAD OF LIGHT where it's amazing seein' the stunning mix of speed metal with seventies attitude, enhanced by changes of time and an'amazing battle of solos. After another interlude, the rain opens STORMBRINGER, a long run surely great but in the same way of many things played by others #NWOTHM bands. IN THE GRIP OF THE NIGHT is another right shot before another acoustic interlude. The last slice is for over 7 mins of A WARRIOR'S LAMENT opened by a great instrumental runaway..another piece to remind! Another fast interlude to end, in our opinion, one of our HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR! LINE UP Emma VC Tommi GT Mikko GT Joel DR Sebastian BG #pressagent ClawHammer PR Chevalier - FIN Gatesofhellrecords


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