BAND CANDLEMASS ALBUM THE DOOR TO DOOM LABEL NAPALM RECORDS OUT 22/02/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 Candlemass are surely a band with a lot of surprises, especially for the choice of singers. Now it's time for the return of JOHAN LÄNGQUIST, singer of EPICUS, DOOMICUS, METALLICUS and the attitude seems right, especially about composition, so maqniloquent,. THE DOOR TO DOOM seems the real heir of their debut and you can feel it in song such as SPLENDOR DEMON MAJESTY, so epic and signed from strong riffs and solemn vocals. In UNDER THE OCEAN, after a gloomy intro, we can find a powerful runaway, where several moods are well balanced. In ASTROLUS - THE GREAT OCTOPUS we can find the epic side of the band, the whole thing enriched by a solo of special guest..Mr. TONY IOMMI, while in THE BRIDGE OF THE BLIND this concept is developed further, reminding us the flair of best Ronnie James Dio. The black fame of doom (and classic HM) is burning again..surely one of our HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR! 

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