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BAND Splintered Throne ALBUM LIVE AT BILLY BLUES LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 23/03/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Splintered Throne is ready for the release of their new LIVE EP called "LIVE at Billy Blues". It will be available worldwide on March 23rd. This is the band's first LIVE album and it features seven songs from their previous 3 releases. The performance was recorded on September 21, 2018 at Billy Blues Bar & Grill in Vancouver WA. The band has captivated audiences on the West Coast for over a decade. The current 5 member line-up, with their diverse musical tastes, have fused together to establish the band's own sound. It's a great mix of classic – old-school and progressive metal with modern influences, exhibited by a searing dual guitar attack, driving rhythm section and soaring lead vocals. You'll find epic vocals, determined riffs, but also darker moments, all enhanced by great solos. Splintered Throne is adding this new LIVE EP, "LIVE at Billy Blues", to their existing catalog consisting of the EP "Shattered" released in 2011, 2014's "The Octagon" and 2018's "Redline". All are available for purchase at They are also available for streaming at all the major streaming platforms. LINE UP Brian Garrison VC Brian Bailey BG J~Mo GT Fred Osborn GT Kris Holboke DR #label Parker & Barrow Entertainment

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