BAND RHAPSODY OF FIRE ALBUM THE EIGHT MOUNTAIN LABEL AFM RECORDS OUT 23/02/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 About various moniker of RHAPSODY's world we have spoken enough this year, but ALEX STAROPOLI was able to stay focused on his original band..and the outcome is amazing! With GIACOMO VOLI, for the first time vocalist with new songs, they were able to make a dress that fits perfectly with him; his performance is remarkable, better than what I' ve seen in LEGENDARY YEARS. After a short intro, right to create a suitable environment, SEVEN HEROIC DEEDS is the first right shots, pressing, powerful and epic at the same time. MASTER OF PEACE, opened by a steamroller drums, glorifies symphonic attitude of the band and, once again, their mix of HM, power and symphonic sounds perfect. RAIN OF FURY is another iron attack enhanced by amazing solo guitar parts of ROBY DE MICHELI. Next it's time for WHITE WIZARD, one of our favs, before taking a little bit of a break with WARRIOR HEART, a fancy baroque episode. We go on with anthemic THE COURAGE TO FORGIVE and MARCH AGAINST THE TYRANT that, with over 9 mins duration, starts with flute and acoustic, before developing itself in somethin' various and enriched by solo parts really to remind. It's time to push newly with CLASH OF TIMES before the anthemic title track..it's TRUE..THE LEGEND GOES ON!! THE WIND, THE RAIN... is a ballad that brings forward the last ace called TALES OF A HERO'S FATE, over 10 mins opened by growl vocals, that ends in the best way this stunning return! THE LEGEND GOES ON..NO FILLERS, only fancy music!!!

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