BAND MORTÜÜS RËX ALBUM IN THE CULT OF THE MAD GOD LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 2019 OUR RATING 85/100 Steve Waddell is a Scottish musician with a lot of things to show with TANTRUM, OATH and now with this new solo project called MORTÜÜS REX.

This is a one-man Doom Metal project with an heavy and sinister and flavour that you can feel from start to the end. This album is a well-done mix of classic doom riffs, fast guitar solos, always inspired and blues driven, and clean vocals. The first shot is ‘Echoes From The Edge Of The Void’, that moves itself between classic metal and Sabbath. Not always pressing and solo parts are really to remind! ‘Forest Of Corpses’ sees the sound and environment darker, with a central "space"interlude, while PREMATURE BURIAL sounds so seventies, with a doom that gets under your skin. The title track is a 7 minute epic track with an intro to remind, and surely is one of the more "melodic" episodes.

After ‘Aftermath’, a one instrumental interlude, ‘Dead Will Rise’ is a bluesy song with an enveloping riffing to remind.

The album ends in the best way with ‘Guilty as Sin".

We enjoyed listening to this album...All songs sounds great, without fillers, thanks to a right production!

Another good job, STEVE!


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