PASSION AND WARFARE was the 2nd studio album by Steve Vai, out in September 1990, via Relativity and Epic Records

In 2016, Vai embarked on the "Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary World Tour", where he played the album in its entirety for the first time. TRACKLIST

1. "Liberty" 2:03 2. "Erotic Nightmares" 4:15 3. "The Animal" 4:01 4. "Answers" 2:56 5. "The Riddle" 6:24 6. "Ballerina 12/24" 1:43 7. "For the Love of God" 6:03 8. "The Audience Is Listening" 5:30 9. "I Would Love To" 3:41 10. "Blue Powder" 4:44 11. "Greasy Kid's Stuff" 2:58 12. "Alien Water Kiss" 1:10 13. "Sisters" 4:07 14. "Love Secrets" 3:40


Steve Vai GT , Eventide H3000, KB BG David Rosenthal KB  BV

Pia Vai KB on one chord  Bob Harris KB BV Chris Frazier DR  Tris Imboden DR Stuart Hamm BG Nancy Fagen VC

Jamie Firlotte VC


David Coverdale  Rudy Sarzo  Adrian Vandenberg  Pascal Fillet  Laurel Fishman  Lillian Vai  Pam Vai  Joel Kaith  Corky Tanassy  Jamie Kornberg Lauren Kornberg  Corinne Larue  Famin'  Darla Albright  Laura Gross  Rupert Henry  Suzanna Harris Julian Angel Vai 


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