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Another great split EP by via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC out on March 22nd! This is time is the right time for Finland’s Cardinals Folly and Australia’s Lucifer’s Fall.

Two bands that shows thier own view of doom metal and that team up for a split that brings the heaviness, might and magic! After the release of their 2017 "Deranged Pagan Sons album", Cardinals Folly started thinking about their next move. 

Having independently issued their 2016 "Coalition of the Anathematized" split with Church of Void and Acolytes of Moros, Cardinals Folly signed a deal with Cruz Del Sur Music, who agreed to release the split on vinyl. 

As co-headliners were selected Lucifer’s Fall, who were also fresh off of an independently-released split of their own with "Reclvse".

 Realizing the possibilities, Cardinals Folly and Lucifer’s Fall teamed up for a split that finds both bands contributing three songs each.

Originally formed in 2004 as The Coven, Cardinals Folly came into being in 2007 in Helsinki, where they proceeded to release their debut Heretic’s Hangover EP in 2008. 

The Orthodox Faces EP followed a year later, culminating in the release of their first full-length, 2011’s Such Power is Dangerous! The ensuing Our Cult Continues! (2014) and Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016) furthered the Finns’ doom cause, running up to Deranged Pagan Sons. Formed in 2013 and with two full-lengths in addition to numerous demos, singles and splits to their credit, Lucifer’s Fall are using the split with Cardinals Folly as a go-between studio albums as they continue to work on the follow-up to 2016’s II: Cursed & Damned. 

One of the few doom bands to make an impact in Australia, Lucifer’s Fall could be viewed as their home country’s answer to greats such as Electric Wizard, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. Employing a more traditional metal sound than before, Lucifer’s Fall had one simple operative for the split: Write simple, aggressive and catchy headbanging tunes. 

This is achieved across “Die Witch Die,” “Call of the Wild” and “The Gates of Hell,” all three numbers reveling in distinctive imagery and the band’s dynamic and lively approach, ultimately showing the versatility within Lucifer Fall’s sound. LINE-UP: CARDINALS FOLLY

Mikko Kääriäinen BG VC Juho Kilpelä GT Joni Takkunen DR LUCIFER’S FALL

Deceiver BG GT VC Unknown and Unnamed DR Cursed Priestess BG The Invocator GT Heretic GT TRACKLIST Cardinals Folly:  1.            Walvater Proclaimed 2.            Spiritual North 3.            Sworn Through Odin’s And Satan’s Blood

Lucifer’s Fall:  4.            Die Witch Die 5.            Call Of The Wild 6.            The Gates of Hell #pressagent ClawhammerPr 


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