BURNING THE WITCHES is the debut studio full-lenght by Warlock, out in 1984 via Mausoleum Records

This album was re-released in late 1984 by Vertigo Records, label that released future band's albums. TRACKLIST

Side one

1. "Sign of Satan" Rudy Graf 3:13 2. "After the Bomb" Peter Szigeti, Graf 3:50 3. "Dark Fade" Szigeti, Doro Pesch 4:07 4. "Homicide Rocker" Graf 3:12 5. "Without You" Szigeti, Pesch 5:25

Side two

6. "Metal Racer" Graf 3:42 7. "Burning the Witches" Graf 4:17 8. "Hateful Guy" Graf, Pesch 3:41 9. "Holding Me" Szigeti, Pesch 4:07


Doro Pesch VC Peter Szigeti GT Rudy Graf GT Frank Rittel BG Michael Eurich DR


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