WHEN 3/2/19

Fourth gig in North Italy for the tour supporting LIVING THE DREAM, the last amazing album by URIAH HEEP.

100 mins of classic and over the top Hard Rock with a line-up that has again the capacity to wonder.

A wide space for the songs taken from the last album, already received as classics.

The first shot is GRAZED BY HEAVEN, played live with a powerful performance, followed by a first classic such as RETURN TO FANTASY.

After LIVING THE DREAM, the turn is for another 80's classic, as TOO SCARED TO RUN, from ABOMINOG album.

TAKE AWAY MY SOUL and KNOCKING AT MY DOOR flows fancy, before the dark classic RAINBOW DEMON.

WATERS FLOWIN' is another gem, opened by acoustic guitar before exploding, while in ROCKS IN THE ROAD the band provides an extended version that remember us that live concerts of URIAH HEEP are always a different experience.

GYPSY literally blows up the venue, while the extended versions of LOOK AT YOURSELF and JULY MORNING are an hymn, full of elegance, improvisation and technical ability.

Wide space for solos of DAVE RIMMER on bass in both songs, clear sign that now he's the real heir of TREVOR BOLDER and GARY THAIN.

LADY IN BLACK is perfect for a long "sing-a-long", where the encorse are "magician" SUNRISE and faster EASY LIVIN'.

Nothin' else to add..always amazing!

PS Before URIAH HEEP, 40 mins for EXSOM, contemporary metal band from SWITZERLAND; to underscore the great performance of two guitars.

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