💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal PAOLO BELMAR of HELLNITE! Welcome! Thank you very much. 💿 HELLNITE is your own studio project but it's also a power-trio with a live line up. Do you think is it the right format also for the future? Well honestly it has stayed as a power trio for practical reasons, of course, it is easier to manage a 3 piece band than a 6 piece band. But I'm pretty open for changes in the future, I've thought of adding another guitar or a singer to the lineup, we'll see in the future what's better for Hellnite depending on the music that I write. 💿 MIDNIGHT TERRORS, your new full-lenght is hot'n'ready and it will be available on Feb 12th. 

We bad the pleasure to listening to it in preview and we dare rally impressed. Can you tell us somethin ' about its composition process and style? Midnight Terrors is music that I wrote around 5 years ago, I always say this in all the interviews and my readers and listeners are probably tired of hearing the same thing from me, but I really want to let people know that 'Midnight Terrors' is only a transition on Hellnite's career to a new stage that probably people who liked MT won't like, I don't know, I am experimenting with new stuff and styles. 

Anyway about the composition I was so much into Skull Fist, Kreator, Death, Carcass and other similar bands, which I still like but my influences and writing aims have changed, and the composition process was pretty much pulling out some riffs from my 'riff bucket' (every time I come up with a melody or a progression that I like, I record it in my phone to use it for future songs, that is what I call a riff bucket) and mixing them together. 💿 MT will be out via SLIPTRICK RECORDS. Can  you tell us somethin' about relationships with them? Yeah, people in the label have been treating me really good and professional, I really like working with them, Carlo and Ryu are always very patient with all my questions and concerns. 💿 We love the cover of your new album. Can you tell us somethin' about?

Sure, I love it too, that was all thanks to Alex Camacho from Inner Brush Studio who was in charge of the design of the art cover for MT, I had the idea of something coming out from the gates long time ago but honestly his final product was way better even than my own expectations. 

Then as a brief explanation, if you notice in the picture there is a clock on top of the gates pointing 12:00 which indicates that at that time the gates open and unleash the terrors contained inside, maybe it's a portal to another dimension, world or even hell, who knows, that's what makes it scary, the fact of not knowing anything. 

I think the image represents the concept 'Midnight Terrors' really well. 💿 The real "news" in music industry is the return of the vinyl; what's your feeling about this classic format and the current "music business"? It's really cool, but I think it is a luxury that not everyone can afford, I don't even have a vinyl player, but I have ONE vinyl record of my favorite band (Alestorm) and that's just because they are my favorite band.

 I do consume many products from the music industry, I have a wide collection of CDs and an active Spotify account. In general I think the return of the vinyl is great as long as people can afford it, personally, I have other priorities related to the music industry, but someday when I sell a lot of CDs and play a lot of shows, I might be able to afford a vinyl player. 💿 Can you tell us somethin' about your next live projects? I can't say much because there's nothing confirmed yet but definitely there are plans for shows and touring and I am very excited about that, but I can't say anything yet, at least not until the album is released, but I can say that I am currently working in the next release after Midnight Terrors and it's going pretty well. 💿 Thanks you so much for tour time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Thanks. #pressagent AsherMediaRelations

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