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Michael Joseph Moody is a British guitarist born in 1950, well known as a member of Whitesnake.

Moody met Coverdale in the Middlesbrough scene in the last slice of sixties and was invited to work with him and the album "White Snake" was published in 1977.

A secondfull-lenght called "Northwinds" followed in 1978.

Following the end of Deep Purple, Coverdale and Moody joined forces with Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Dave 'Duck' Dowle and keyboardist Brian Johnston to put togheter Whitesnake .

In 1978 they recorded one EP called "Snakebite" followed by two studio albums, Trouble (1978) and Lovehunter (1979), with master Jon Lord on keyboards.

In 1980 Whitesnake, with Ian Paice on drums, released the album "Ready an' Willing" and the double album " the Heart of the City" in the same year.

In 1981 the band released the album "Come an' Get It".

After next album called "Saints and Sinners" in 1982, he left the band in 1983 after recording UK vs. of "SLIDE IT IN"...


With David Coverdale

1977 White Snake 1978 Northwinds

2003 The Early Years

With Whitesnake

1978 Snakebite 1978 Trouble 1978 Live at Hammersmith 1979 Lovehunter 1980 Ready an' Willing 1980 the Heart of the City 1981 Come an' Get It 1982 Saints & Sinners 1984 Slide It In


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