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OUT 01/02/2019


Another right shot by JOLLY ROGER RECORDS, North Italian label well-known for this ability to promote contemporary and past bands of its Country.

Available on Feb 1st, it's time for a tasty reissue of first GUNFIRE Ep, with several bonus tracks that will surely enjoy all classic metal fan.

Gunfire was originally an active unit in the 80s in Ancona, Central Italy. 

At this time singer Roberto Borrelli (Robert Drake) met Maurizio Leone (Maury Lyon) founding the band "Metal Road".

In 1984 they met guitarist Fabio Allegretto (Lord Blackcat) after a few rehearsals Gunfire (the name was chosen by Maurizio) were founded. 

Maurizio left the guitar and moved to play bass while composing the first Gunfire song called "Thunder of War".

 Soon Roberto Fanelli (Rob Gothar) joined at the drums and with this line up, after two months, they recorded the first demo in  two days.

In the same year they had the opportunity to play live for an important Italian Festival with more famous Italian bands as Strana Officina, Sabotage, Steel Crown, Vanadium, Vanexa, Crying Steel.

Next they entered the studio and selt titled Ep "Gunfire" has been produced in about 2.000 copies and it's a great sample of classic HM. 

Unfortunately the situation of the Italian metal scene in the 80s was difficult so they didn't have the chance to support  top bands that played in Italy, even if they became friends with Saxon and played in many places around Italy.

In 1985 they recorded some new tracks to be included in an album for the label Carrere (the same label of SAXON at this time), who was interested to Gunfire, but in the end they didn't have a contact. 

The track "Firecult" was recorded to be included in the "Heavy Metal Made in Italy" LP compilation but next the band split in 1986.

Now "Gunfire" is finally available for the first time on Cd and again on Lp, completely remastered plus 6 tracks from 1984 demo and more bonus tracks.    

As abovementioned, the style is pure and classic metal, in the mood of amazing band as first 80's SAXON, with solo always to remind and enveloping riffs.

But this band was somethin' else: WINGS OF DEATH is darker and strong with some epic drops while amazing FIRECULT is a faster runaway.

To remind also THE SEA BE YOUR GRAVE, more thoughtful and ossianic at the same time.

No doubt..a must-have!!!

TRACKLIST Intro0:34 

Hard Steel (EP Version) 4:40 

Thunder Of War (EP version) 3:41

Gunfire (EP Version) 3:52   

Wings Of Death (EP Version) 5:21 

Firecult 3:43  

Gunfire (Demo Tape) 3:40 

Thunder Of War (Demo Tape)3:34

The Sea Be Your Grave (Demo Tape) 5:29

Hard Steel (Demo Tape) 4:46 

Bloody Way (Demo Tape) 4:06

Winged Horses (Demo Tape) 4:21 

Thunder Of War (Live 1984 - Cd)


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