DIO - "SACRED HEART" times..

Sacred Heart is the third studio album by DIO, out in 1985 via Warner Bros. Records in North America, and Vertigo elsewhere.

This was the last one featuring Vivian Campbell as guitarist.

The cover art was made by Robert Florczak. 

TRACKLIST 1."King of Rock and Roll"   Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Vivian Campbell, Dio 3:49

2."Sacred Heart"Appice, Bain, Campbell, Dio 6:27 

3."Another Lie"Dio 3:48 

4."Rock 'n' Roll Children" Dio 4:32 

5."Hungry for Heaven"Bain, Dio 4:10

6."Like the Beat of a Heart" Bain, Dio 4:24 

7."Just Another Day"Dio, Campbell 3:23 

8."Fallen Angels"Appice, Bain, Campbell, Dio 3:57 

9."Shoot, Shoot"Appice, Bain, Campbell, Dio 4:20 


Ronnie James Dio VC

Vivian Campbell GT

Jimmy Bain BG

Claude Schnell KB

Vinny Appice DR

(Public pic from Fb)


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