"To Hell with the Devil" is the 3rd studio album by Stryper, out in 1986.

The original artwork shows four angels throwing the devil into a fiery pit. 

The cover was next changed on later pressings to black one with the Stryper logo and the album title in the center. TRACKLIST "Abyss (To Hell with the Devil)" – 1:21

"To Hell with the Devil"  – 4:08

"Calling on You" – 3:59

"Free" – 3:44

"Honestly" – 4:10

"The Way" – 3:37

"Sing-Along Song" – 4:21

"Holding On" – 4:16

"Rockin' the World" – 3:30

"All of Me" – 3:11

"More Than a Man" – 4:35 LINE UP Michael Sweet LV GT

Robert Sweet DR

Oz Fox GT BV

Tim Gaines BG BV Additional musicians John Van Tongeren KB

Brad Cobb BG


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