Headless Cross is the 14th studio album Black Sabbath out in 1989 via I.R.S. Records.

It was the second album to feature Tony Martin as singer and the first featuring Cozy Powell as drummer.

Laurence Cottle played bass as session man but he wasn't an official member.

Cottle did appear in the video of HEADLESS CROSS but not featuring in promotional pics. 

For the tour, Neil Murray was the new bass player. 

The track "When Death Calls" shows a guitar solo played by Brian May.


1."The Gates of Hell" (Instrumental) 1:06 

2."Headless Cross" (Tony Martin, Tony Iommi, Cozy Powell) 6:29 

3."Devil & Daughter" (Martin, Iommi, Powell) 4:44 

4."When Death Calls" (Iommi, Powell, Geoff Nicholls, Martin, Laurence Cottle, Brian May)6:55

5."Kill in the Spirit World" 5:11

6."Call of the Wild"5:18 

7."Black Moon" (Martin, Iommi, Nicholls) 4:06

8."Nightwing" (Martin, Iommi, Powell) 6:35

9."Cloak and Dagger"4:37


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