2019: An year of Hard Rock on Hardrockheavymetal!


2019: AN YEAR OF HARD ROCK on Hardrockheavymetal!

Another year is ending and it's time to show our highlights in HARD ROCK world..as usual NO CHARTS!

Firstly it was time for a new album by legendary DAVID COVERDALE and its WHITESNAKE..FLESH & BLOOD is smart and it's the right heir of FOREVERMORE.

Another gem by JOHNNY GIOELI and HARDLINE, even though some line up changes.

Again on FRONTIERS RECORDS to remark the second chapter by LAST LINE, simply entitled II, and a new album by BURNING RAIN, the band with DOUG ALDRICH on guitar.

ANOTHER TIME by TANITH was literally a masterpiece, a band with RUSS TIPPINS of SATAN on guitars, while the solo album of PHIL CAMPBELL involves many friends, among others ALICE COOPER, DEE SNIDER and ROB HALFORD.

Another right shot by AIRBOURNE entitled BONESHAKER, while the return of a classic moniker as ANGEL was particularly appreciated, with forever young PUNKY MEADOWS and FRANK DiMino.

IN AMBER was the first shot by new project by classic MERCYFUL FATE guitarist and great record store owner in Copenaghen, MICHAEL DENNER.

A great album by INGLORIOUS, appreciated by us after many listening, again on FRONTIERS, POWER CRAZY by THE TREATMENT, another confirm by CRAZY LIXX, able to project ourselves in a true eighties dimension.

Really struck by SANDNESS, a talented power trio from North Italy, able to mix at best a glam look, good melodies, classic Hard Rock with heavier drops. UNTAMED is a top album.

A brilliant work by irish JAILBIRDS and another right shot by GIANCARLO FLORIDIA with its supergrpup FAITHSEDGE.

LEO LEONI, IGOR GIANOLA, RONNIE ROMERO..it's not only a studio project but it's a real band costantly on tour and the second studio album, II, this time on AFM RECORDS, was a step ahead..whishing in an album totally with new songs.

To remind the new by GRANDE ROYALE and DRIVING FORCE, while the new by KADAVAR, FOR THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST, is a masterpiece and maybe the best shot by the band.

ANOTHER STATE OF GRACE for...BLACK STAR RIDERS, even though some line-up changes, an awesome return by swiss KILLER with SCREAMGUNN, and by SINNER, enhanced by amazing voice of GIORGIA COLLELUORI, a real added value.

A new live album by BONFIRE, in waitin' for a new platter in 2020, smart one by ELECTRIC REVOLUTION, STARQUAKE and THE DRIPPERS.

Brilliant debut for fancy classic rock project MOONCHAMBER, with MARTA GABRIEL and members of SARACEN and PAGAN ALTAR.

We love the new one by AERODYNE, able to mix hard rock, sleaze with heavy parts.

Last to remark the new one by DIRTY RATS, R.U.S.T.X. and FRONTBACK.

Another year to remind..ready for a 2020 full of new HARD ROCK music!

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