2019: An year of (Classic) Metal on Hardrockheavymetal!


2019: An year of (Classic) Metal on Hardrockheavymetal!

After first two chapters about NWOBHM (https://www.hardrockheavymetal.info/post/2019-an-year-of-nwobhm-on-hardrockheavymetal) and HARD ROCK (https://www.hardrockheavymetal.info/post/2019-an-year-of-hard-rock-on-hardrockheavymetal) and in waitin ' for last about NWOTHM, now it's time for our #highlights in #classicmetal scene; as usual..no charts!

KING DIAMOND was out with an amazing live (to suggest the gorgeous boxset) in waitin' for the reunion of MERCYFUL FATE scheduled for next year, while ROB HALFORD, in waitin' for the heir of the gem FIREPOWER with JUDAS PRIEST, was out in october with a fancy Christmas album entitled CELESTIAL.

Another starter in waitin' for a new platter by another classic band as RUNNING WILD, while HERMAN FRANK provides us another confirm with FIGHT THE FEAR..pure teutonic power and classic metal!! A new Ep was out by Manowar while BROTHERHOOD OF METAL was the great return by THE RODS, a great mix of well-groomed HARD'N'HEAVY, such as #dutch legends PICTURE with WINGS.

Great reissue for classic album WHEN HEROES FALL by ATTIKA, and TRIALS OF TORMENT by RITUAL, while, again on PURE STEEL RECORDS, to remind the brilliant EVIL WITHIN by RUTHLESS and V by RITUAL STEEL.

One of our favs was the self-titled by SPIRITS OF FIRE, a project which involves CHRIS CAFFERY and TIM RIPPER OWENS, among others, a real masterpiece, such as the first by THREE TREMORS, with OWENS, SEAN PECK and HARRY CONKLIN.

To remark the fancy album by CANDLEMASS, the live version of classic GUILTY AS CHARGED by CULPRIT, and the smart return of WARDRESS with DAMNATION.

From Italy four album to suggest: from deep North, SKANNERS was out with awesome TEMPTATION, from Tuscany the amazing LAW OF THE JUNGLE and Ep GUERRA TRISTE by STRANA OFFICINA, from Milan the new AWAKENING by RUSTLESS (with three founding members of classic 80's band VANADIUM) and from Rome TIR with METAL SHOCK.

We go on with A THRONE WITHIN by RAM, another stunning band, and the double live by CIRITH UNGOL (to suggest the rich boxset, a bit expensive..), the new one by POWER THEORY and ORODRUIN.

From US, an applause for SKELATOR and DOGBANE, from Chile the new by VASTATOR, the new ANKHARA from Spain, the new KAT from Poland, from Denmark the return by classic masters WASTED, and from Holland THEM WITCHES by VORTEX, now without their MARTJO BRONGERS (R.I.P.)

Wishing in another year rich of time of new smart HM music!!

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