Another great year in nwothm. We don't like charts (I believe you know it) but also this year we think it's great talkin' about our highlights in this scene. A lot of great news from US; firstly the new (and last..) album by White Wizzard, great EP's from Sylent Storm ,Scrollkeeper and Silver Talon, amazing ULTIMATE FORCE by Sacred Leather and fancy BURST INTO FLAME by Haunt (new album in 2019!). Great confirmation by Visigoth and Night Demon with earhquake LIVE DARKNESS, and great job by Gatekeeper. Also from UK a lot of great news; three album out via Dissonance Productions , smart Toledo Steel, Eliminator and second amazing job by Seven Sisters. To remind also Kaine, the great third album, HELLHOUND, by Monument, the second fancy job by Wytch Hazel, without forgetting The Filth Hounds and amazing Midnight Force, from Scotland. From Spain to remark the top job by The Wizards, with their unique style, the great HITTEN, and great shots by Fighter Records (EVIL HUNTER, Witchfyre, WILD).

To reminds the amazing job by epic/doom band Black Lotus.

Other aces from the North of Europe, with new Cult of the Fox, DUST TO GOLD by BULLET, a real bomb, smart Outlaw from Finland with MARAUDERS, Candle, second chapters by fancy Flight and Armory. All around the world to remind the beautiful debut full-lenght ON THE RUN by Axe Steeler from Colombia, Convent Guilt from Australia, confirmations from Striker and Skull Fist from Canada, the amazing second album by Sacral Rage and Saboter from Greece,the third album by Hammer King, and great split EP with Blackevil by italian Witchunter. READY FOR ANOTHER GREAT YEAR! IN THE BEST TRADITION!


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