2018 was a great year for Nwobhm movement; new album, several fancy reissues, especially with regard to discovering several underground bands. Among others, the return of Saxon hits us: THUNDERBOLT was literally amazing! It was a pleasure listening to the powerful and smart HELL TO PAY by Spartan Warrior, the first via Pure Steel Records, that shows a band in its best shape, hoping in reissues of previous platters. Another great return was for Trespass, with FOOTPRINTS IN THE ROCK, out via Mighty Music as well as Blitzkrieg with JUDGE NOT, one of our favs.. no doubt. A real masterpiece was CRUEL MAGIC of Satan, out after signing a deal with Metal Blade Records, with BRIAN ROSS again leading actor! To remind the new ATTRITION by SALEM via DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS before the damaging breakdown of the band in two parts.

There was out also two well-appreciated album: FALLEN by Traitors Gate and RISING by Satan's Empire. Another classic band with new songs are Tokyo Blade, with UNBROKEN and Praying Mantis with GRAVITY, one time again via Frontiers Music. After long time Dissonance Productions have published STURMPANZER by TANK and, for a few days, is out the brilliant STORM THE GATES by Venom, proud of their history but with a powerful production. To remind, among others, the 3 cds compilation WINDS OF TIME, the new by Metal Mirror, the third part of Blaze Bayley 's saga and the new smart album by "more British" French band, Gang. Hoping in a better one year in 2019, we proudly raise the flag of BEST TRADITIONAL UK METAL!


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