JIMMY BAIN - The bass wizard of DIO and RAINBOW

James Stewart Bain (19 December 1947 – 23 January 2016) was a scottish bass player of Rainbow and Dio, among others. 

With RAINBOW Bain recorded  "Rising" and played on their following world tour.

 While on the tour, he played on amazing live album "On Stage"

In January 1977, he was out and he toured with John Cale. 

In 1978 he put togheter Wild Horses with Jimmy involved as lead vocalist, songwriter and bassist.

This band consist of guitarist Brian Robertson, drummer Clive Edwards and guitarist Neil Carter (sawn with UFO and Gary Moore). 

Wild Horses released two albums, Wild Horses (1980) and Stand Your Ground (1981), the latter featuring John Lockton (ex-The Next Band) in place of Carter, before Robertson and Edwards both left in June 1981.

Bain regrouped Wild Horses as a five-piece with ex-Lautrec members Reuben Archer (vocals) and Laurence Archer (guitar), and The Next Band's Frank Noon (drums), but they disbanded shortly after. 

Jimmy  worked with Roger Chapman, Roy Harper, Gary Moore, and Kate Bush. Bain co-wrote with his close friend Phil Lynott for the Lizzy man's two solo albums. 

A keyboard player as well as a bassist, he toured the material playing keyboards with Lynott's band. T He was choosen by Scorpions to play bass  on their classic "Love at First Sting", but  their management chose Francis Buchholz.

In 1983, Bain was the new bass player for the solo band of RONNIE JAMES DIO.

In the mid-1980s Bain founded Hear'n Aid, a foundation in which he could involve the rock community to help eliminate world hunger.

 He  co-wrote the classic song, "Stars," with Vivian Campbell and Ronnie James Dio, which became the Heavy Rock world's answer to "We Are The World". 

In 1989, Bain formed a band with vocalist Mandy Lion called World War III, but after their 1990 eponymous debut album, the band disbanded.

Bain's solo project saw Tracy G as guitarist, borrowed from Dio's band, who was also the guitarist for World War III. 

Ronnie James Dio' Magica (2000) saw Bain's return to the Dio band , and he played on the albums Magica and Killing the Dragon. In 2005, Bain again joined Vinny Appice, for two projects, The Hollywood All Starz and 3 Legged Dogg

The band Last in Line was put together in 2013 comprising Bain, Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, Claude Schnell and Andrew Freeman

On January 23, 2016, Jimmy Bain sadly passed away during Def Leppard's "Hysteria on the High Seas" cruise.

(Public pics take from Fb)


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