Strange Highways is the 6th studio album by the DIO.

It was their first platter after Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice's reunion tour with Black Sabbath. The European release was out via Vertigo, in October 1993; the US version was out on Reprise Records, in January 1994. TRACKLIST 1."Jesus, Mary & the Holy Ghost"Dio, Tracy Grijalva, Jeff Pilson 4:13

2."Firehead"Vinny Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 4:06

3."Strange Highways"Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 6:54

4."Hollywood Black" Dio, Grijalva, Appice 5:10

5."Evilution" Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 5:

6."Pain" Dio, Grijalva 4:14

7."One Foot in the Grave" Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 4:01

8."Give Her the Gun"Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 5:58

9."Blood from a Stone"Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 4:10

10."Here's to You" Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 3:2

11."Bring Down the Rain"Appice, Dio, Grijalva, Pilson 5:45


Ronnie James Dio VC

Tracy G GT

Jeff Pilson BG KB

Vinny Appice DR

(Public pics take from Fb)

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