ANGRY MACHINES is the 7th studio full-lenght by Dio.

It was released first in Japan on October 4, 1996 by Mercury Music Entertainment with 11 tracks and Next in the US on October 15, 1996 on Mayhem Records but with only 10 tracks.

It was the last job featuring Vinny Appice. TRACKLIST 1."Institutional Man" Vinny Appice, Dio, Tracy Grijalva 5:08

2."Don't Tell the Kids"Appice, Dio, Grijalva 4:19

3."Black"Dio, Grijalva, Appice, Jeff Pilson 3:10

4."Hunter of the Heart"Appice, Dio, Grijalva 4:13

5."Stay Out of My Mind"Pilson 7:11

6."Big Sister"Dio, Grijalva, Appice, Pilson 5:35

7."Double Monday"Appice, Dio, Grijalva 2:55

8."Golden Rules"Appice, Dio, Grijalva 4:54

9."Dying in America"Dio, Grijalva, Appice, Pilson 4:38

10."This Is Your Life"Dio, Grijalva 3:25

💿Japanese bonus

11."God Hates Heavy Metal"Appice, Jerry Best, Dio, Grijalva3:45

LINE UP Ronnie James Dio VC

Tracy Grijalva (a.k.a. Tracy G) GT

Jeff Pilson BG

Vinny Appice DR

Scott Warren KB


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