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💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal JOE STRUBEL of REVELATION STEEL. Welcome!!

Thanks a lot Giovanni!! It’s the same to me! 💿 Can you tell us somethin’ about your early days of your career? When is this all begun and which bands have influenced you?

For me this journey started back in the mid 80s with bands like Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon, Black Sabbath and so on.

 All the classic metal stuff, you know! Like all metal heads me and my friends started having music parties, talking about our music and the dream of being part of a famous metal band and how it might feel to be on stage performing killer metal songs, haha!

 After a while we started having a band doing cover songs. Later on, I became the singer for an AC/DC tribute band and about 15 years ago I formed the Saxon tribute band Crusader. Saxon is still one of my favorite NWOBHM bands and my tribute band is still lasting on, because it’s still such a big fun performing their songs! 💿 REVELATION STEEL is your actual band, a smart band out on Oct 27th with a new album called “I”. Can you tell us somethin’ about the birth of this new project?

It all started within the cover and tribute scene. We know each other from there. So it happened, back in 2014, that some friends of mine, members of a W.A.S.P. tribute band asked me to be the singer for their new project, to do own stuff. I knew their ability to play and so I could not refuse! 

Even I was still part of the Reunion of TRANCE at that time, which was consuming a lot of time and energy. 💿 “I” is a stunning album, perfect for all defenders and fans of German HM, but not only we can find many influences, from classic hard rock to somethin’ more epic. Are you satisfied about this job, so fresh?

Yeah, we really love it! The songs had enough time to grow. I have’em in my car and play them very often. They still can compete with the other stuff I’m listening to. I don’t want to be bigheaded, but I think it’s a real masterpiece and we’re extremely proud on it. 

At the beginning I didn’t expect it being that good! My band mates are fantastic songwriters. They have a deep knowledge and understanding of the heavy music. 

There’s no question about that! If it would only be listening to them, when they are creating music, it would be enough for me and a great gift and pleasure.

 Musically I have arrived my home now! When they are putting the riffs together I get immediately inspired by them for the lyrics. I also want to mention our producer Sascha, who gave the songs the mighty and powerful, taking no prisoners and ass kicking sound they deserve! 

He’s a real perfectionist and he increased to a sixth band member during the work on the recordings. Hopefully we can keep him in the team for the next number “II”.

💿 The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl; What’s your feeling about this classic format and the current music “business”?

I kept all my vinyl through the years, and called all my friends being crazy to give away their collections in the late 80s and beginning 90s.

But, to tell you the truth: I didn’t expect that mighty resurrection of that medium! I like the bigger size of the cover and still the sound for me is unbeatable. 

It is warmer and more spirited, than a CD can ever deliver. If I really want to enjoy music, I’m taking the vinyl out of the cupboard. 

A CD fits me, when I’m in the kitchen and in the car, I have mp3. 💿 Our readers know you for your experience in a classic band as TRANCE. Can you tell us somethin’ about these six years with the guys?

Is it already 6 years? Wow, time flies! Yes, it was an absolutely great experience to be part of their reunion. It all started for me in 2012 with a completely different line-up than today. It was a lot of work in the beginning, of course, to bring that band back on the map. 

One of the highlights for me was playing in front of about 1000 metal heads several nights, when we were opening the shows for Udo Dirkschneider on his Dirkschneider Tour in 2016. 

That was absolutely amazing! I also enjoyed very much creating music with them. I was completely free in putting my voice and lyrics to the songs and I contributed writings for 4 songs on the comeback album: “The Loser strikes back”. In the studio we were working with Charly Czajkowski, who did a really fantastic producers job. Charly is well known for his work as live sound engineer and for his contribution as producer for bands like Axxis and, one of my favorite metal bands at all time: Rage! I imagine Peavy standing at the same place in the studio, doing the vocals and bass for the “Welcome to the other side” album!! A shiver was running down my spine. Charly was forcing me to my highest notes and deepest expression. He was incredible! I called him wizard!!

💿 Can you tell us somethin’ about your next live projects?

With  REVELATION STEEL we recently did the release show for our debut album at a festival / benefiz concert in October. We attracted a lot of attention in our home area and with that in the back, it’s time to conquer the world, haha! We started promoting the album, telling the world that we’re ready and we’re planning as much live dates for 2019 as we can get. So stay tuned! We will publish the dates as soon as possible on facebook and our homepage. 

FB: Revelation-Steel Homepage: 💿Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! It was a pleasure talking to you, Giovanni (Soldi)! Thanks a lot for your work in the metal community! Metal Up my friend!


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