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OUT Oct 27th, 2018


Some days ago JOE STRUBEL, contact us to present the first album of REVELATION STEEL, out in the last slice of october.

Honestly outside, even though our continuous research work, we can find several bands that deserve the right outcome.

Among others, one of them are surely REVELATION STEEL! 

Eight songs in this first full-lenght with abovementioned JOE STRUBEL, sawn on vocals for six years with german classic band TRANCE.

This album starts with the anthemic MOTORPSYCHO, just a classic with its sharp riffs, pressing bass, and vocals dirty when it needs..a song for true defenders.

METAL DOCTOR is more wild and so eighties while ROCKET TRAIN is a bit darker, with its roaring of our favs.

CHARIOT OF THE GODS is another right shot, with a perfect chorus, right for a live sing-a-long, and with an increasing power; it reminds somethin from darker ANVIL.

PRISON IN ME is an another classic tune, that provides different solutions, while DESTINATIONS ROCKNROLL is a tribute to the roots of AC/DC or KROKUS.

MAN ON THE DRAGON HILL is another ace where shall prevail the epic mood, closer to bands such as STORMWITCH.

DESERT RIDER ends in the best way this smart album that we suggest, with its metallized southern, its changes of time and another great guitar solo.


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