BAND MASTER'S CALL ALBUM Morbid Black Trinity (EP) LABEL Self Release OUT Jan 25th, 2019 OUR RATING 80/100 'Morbid Black Trinity' is the debut ep by Wolverhampton Black Metal band, Master's Call. Featuring experienced musicians, the first shot is 'The Spire Cranes', out in late 2016.

'Morbid Black Trinity' shows three powerful tracks that each tell a different potent story.

 'From Once Beneath The Cursed' depicts the incarnation of a physical embodiment conjured from the underlying madness, hate and evil of the world. 

'The Spire Cranes' represents the holy buildings that tower high to cast the reach of their oppressive symbols of faith afar, but can be broken down through the cracks in their holy walls. 'My Eyes Are The Night' assumes the perspective of a hunter that stalks the night, preying on victims who have lost themselves amid the atrocities of the world, by manipulating them into sacrificing themselves for the false hope of a greater existence beyond our own. Master's Call features a wealth of talent and stories to tell including vocalist Shayan. Born in Tehran, the capital of Iran, where Rock/Metal music is banned; especially where anti-religious lyrics are concerned as the country's hardline Islamic government considers it blasphemy.

 Whilst the risk of jail or even potentially execution, he moved to the UK in 2011 to pursue having freedom of express himself. Three songs that hit us wih their evocative vocals, great changes of time and  interesting drummin' structures.

TRACKLIST 1. From Once Beneath The Cursed 2. The Spire Cranes 3. My Eyes Are The Night LINE UP Shayan VC Dave Powell GT John Wilcox GT Adam Tricklebank BG James Williams DR #pressagent Stampede Press Uk


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