After returning to the UK in August 1981, Schenker and his mates played a small tour of the UK.

After that, Cozy Powell and manager Peter Mensch wanted Graham Bonnet as singer.

Bonnet joined the MSG in February 1982.

Next Cozy Powell and Paul Raymond left the band and were replaced by drummer Ted McKenna and session keyboardist Tommy Eyre.

The band went to France to start recording the album "Assault Attack" with producer Martin Birch, that signed a big success with IRON MAIDEN's "THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST".


Side one

"Assault Attack" (Michael Schenker, Graham Bonnet, Chris Glen, Ted McKenna) - 4:16 "Rock You to the Ground" (Schenker, Bonnet) - 5:48 "Dancer" (Schenker, Bonnet) - 4:41 "Samurai" (Schenker, Bonnet, Glen) - 5:16

Side two

"Desert Song" (Schenker, Bonnet) - 5:51 "Broken Promises" (Schenker, Bonnet, Glen) - 6:21 "Searching for a Reason" (Schenker, Bonnet) - 3:46 "Ulcer" (Schenker) - 3:53

Bonus track on the 2009 CD reissue

"Girl from Uptown" (Schenker, Bonnet) - 5:21


Michael Schenker GT Graham Bonnet VC Chris Glen BG Ted McKenna DR

Additional musicians

Tommy Eyre KB

(Public pics taken from Fb)


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