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OUT 2018


THE DEEP are ready with a new EP called "Watching You", that features 4 studio tracks and, as a special bonus, again four tracks from the debut album, the well-received "Premonition", recorded live at the British Steel Festival 2016.

As a first choice the band were intending to start writing for the next full-lenght but, during the writing process, it became apparent that some tracks linked very well into a specific theme. 

Next it was decided that this theme should be developed for the entire second album as a concept album.

The other songs that didn’t fit with this target could be released as an EP. 

Recording for both the EP and the second album started in 2016 at Vatican Studios but, due to re-development of the site, Vatican had to cease all recording and the EP was put on hold.

In addition, drummer Fraser Powell left the band at the end of 2017 and  Alan Mogg joined the band in 2018.  Recording of the EP resumed at HVR Studios in Ipswich, with Danny B mixing and engineering.  All being well, recording for the next album will sceduled for April 2019. 

This new EP is really smart and, as abovementioned, contains 4 new tracks.

We have the privilege to listening to in preview the demo version!

"Prepare To Rock" was written as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Bataclan attacks, is an anthemic and direct speed Heavy Rock, enhanced by pressing drummin', top class vocals and inspired guitar solo.

"Dead Man Walking" is about taking control of your destiny, turning your life around and making changes for the better; it reminds us somethin' from better UK Hard Rock tradition in the way of bad as WHITESNAKE before "1987".  

"Watching You" , that examines the paranoia over invasion of privacy into our lives by the media, starts melodic in the first slice with TONY COLDHAM at top level, before developing in somethin' more various but closer at classic UK hard'n'heavy tradition.

"Taking Over", that is a tongue-in-cheek look at the madness of world-politics and how we all seem to be ‘watching lunatics taking over the asylum, is another fancy song before four live tracks, dimension in which the band is able to express itself at the fullest.


Four fancy new tracks in the best classic UK tradition..a great appetizer in waitin' for the new full-lenght!


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