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BAND FIFTH ANGEL ALBUM THE THIRD SECRET OUT Oct 26th, 2018 LABEL NUCLEAR BLAST OUR RATING 89/100 A few days ago we had JOHN MACKO as special guest on Our pages to talk about the new album, the long-awaited THE THIRD SECRET. The hiatus from two first album was long, but finally we have in our hands (as vinyl, obviously) the new son, and we can say, no doubt, that well worth the wait! The classic rhythm section, composed by abovementioned JOHN MACKO and KEN MARY, is accompanied by KENDALL BECTHEL, sawn on second full-lenght. TED PILOT, now a renowned dentist, was replaced by KENDALL BECHTEL as vocalist, while TED ARCHER, not present in studio, will follow the band live. The album is absolutely stunning and contains no filler since first song STARS ARE FALLING. It' s various and never obvious, the whole thing enhanced by a powerful production. We can find eighties drops, as in WE WILL RISE, or more epic tunes as QUEEN OF THIEVES, that reminds us somethin' from DIO, with their dark environments, or as CAN YOU HEAR ME. IN THIS IS WAR they run faster while the title track is a real top class explosion!! FIFTH ANGEL ARE BACK..In our opinion one of the best shots of the year!! 

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