Making Contact is the 11th studio full-lenght by UFO, the first without Pete Way on bass guitar. UFO disbanded after an unsuccessful European tour and a few UK dates in 1983.


Side one

"Blinded by a Lie" (Neil Carter, Phil Mogg) – 3:58 "Diesel in the Dust" (Carter, Mogg) – 4:29 "A Fool for Love" (Carter, Mogg) – 3:57 "You and Me" (Carter, Mogg) – 3:20 "When It's Time to Rock" (Paul Chapman, Mogg) – 5:27

Side two

"The Way the Wild Wind Blows" (Carter, Chapman, Mogg) – 4:14 "Call My Name" (Carter, Mogg) – 3:14 "All Over You" (Carter, Mogg) – 4:24 "No Getaway" (Carter, Chapman, Mogg) – 3:32 "Push, It's Love" (Carter, Mogg) – 3:16

💿Japanese CD edition bonus track

"Everybody Knows" (Chapman, Mogg) – 3:33

💿2009 Remastered edition bonus tracks

"When It's Time to Rock" (Live Birmingham 26/03/83) "Blinded by a Lie" (Live from Oxford 25/03/83)


Phil Mogg VC Paul Chapman GT BG Neil Carter BG Andy Parker DR

(Public Pics taken from Fb)


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