💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal Darin Wall of GREYHAWK!! You’re Welcome!!

“RIDE OUT”, your new EP, is “hot’n’ready” and will be available from Oct 18th! Can you tell us somethin’about its composition process and style? We have the privilege to listening to it in preview and we were very impressed!

Sure! Stylistically the idea behind Ride Out is pretty simple……badass, classic sounding heavy metal music with our own blend of style and musicianship.

We like to keep things rooted in the classic sounds of our 80s and 70s forefathers, but we throw some neoclassical elements as well as some modern flare at times. Our singer has classical and opera training so that brings a different approach as well.

As far as composition goes it’s a very collaborative effort.

Everyone brings something to the table with every song, and we all help expand on each other’s ideas.

It’s a really cool experience to be in a band with so many talented and creative musicians who all bring their own unique voice to the songs. 💿 All you are experienced musicans with various influences! Can you tell us somethin’ about your early days and which bands have influenced you? That’s very true. We are all varied in taste, influence and style but thankfully there’s enough common ground to keep things cohesive.

As a collective, we are all very influenced by the big boys like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath etc….but individually we have different things that made us pick up our instruments.

Our guitar players are all very influenced by the guitar gods like Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, and Richie Kotzen.

Our drummer Nate draws on thunderous drummers like John Bonham, Randy Castillo and a lot of those early Motley Crue and Metallica record.

Rev sites OPETH as the band that made him want to play music, and the great Bulgarian bass Nicolai Ghiurov as the man who made him want to be a big opera singer, but these days he says it’s “Dio, Dio and more Dio” that has him inspired, as well as Rob Halford, Vincente Fernandez and Mario Lanza.

Myself Geeezer Butler is the man who made me want to play the bass, but for Greyhawk I’m drawing a lot on Jimmy Bain’s rhythmic playing, so there’s the Dio connection again.

I also love Manowar, lots of cool NWOBHM bands, power metal like Helloween and Gamma Ray, and I have a background playing stoner/doom metal as well.

💿 This new EP is self released..A chance to be totally free?

Certainly! We would love to be able to work with a record label at some point, as the goal is to have our music reach as many people as we possibly can, but Greyhawk writes music for ourselves and all likeminded true metal warriors out there.

There's not any desire to sell out and make a pop country album let’s put it that way, and if you hear us on top 40 radio, that means the trends of top 40 radio have changed, not us. 💿 The real “news” is the return of the vinyl; What’s your opinion about this classic format and actual “music business”?

It’s seriously the best. I love how vinyl looks, sounds, and everything about it. I think the music sounds better on wax, and I think the artwork looks much better on the big album sleeve. In fact I just attended the 4th Frost and Fire event in Ventura, California and I spent more money on records than on beer….and let me tell ya i can drink a beer or 14

! I get the only drawback of vinyl to most is that it’s not portable…..and to them I say take up powerlifting and strap the damn turntable stereo to your back!!! 💿 We love the cover of RO! Who made it? My old pal Jesse White made it.

Jesse sings for the power metal band Antiquus who are based out of Vancouver BC and were rolling hard in the mid 2000s.

My old band did a lot of gigs with them, and I used to see them play around town all the time. Their album Eleutheria is really really awesome and all power/prog fans should check it out!

So when we decided to release Ride Out and were looking for an artist, the drummer from Antiquus mentioned Jesse does great graphic design and artwork now and might be the perfect fit. Turns out he was 100% Correct!

You can see Jesse’s art at www.whiteknightillustrations.com

💿Can you tell us somethin’about your next live projects? We have a lot of them coming up! On October 18, the day Ride Out is Released in full, we will be opening for the legendary GRIM REAPER right here in Seattle at El Corazon! Beyond that we have two dates planned in November in Canada on Vancouver Island, another couple Washington State shows over December/January, back to Canada in February and booking shows beyond that all over the Pacific Northwest. We have ambitions to play everywhere and anywhere, so if you book us…we will come. 💿Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Thank YOU so much for taking the time to ask these questions and for having an interest in our band and true heavy metal! RIDE OUT!!!

P.A. Clawhammer Pr

Pics taken from Band's Fb


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