BAND THE FILTH HOUNDS ALBUM HAIR OF THE HOUND? LABEL PURE STEEL PUBLISHING OUT Oct 26th, 2018 OUR RATING 84/100 THE FILTH HOUNDS is a British HM band well-known for its live activity, now ready with a smart full-lenght out from Oct 26th via PURE STEEL PUBLISHING. Songwriting, vocals, total feeling reminds us somethin' about golden era of NWOBHM movement but this album shows much else! ATTACK!, after a great intro, starts with a classic HM riff in pure Maiden's style, with vocals that provides the right balance. On the same line JACK'S NIGHTMARE that starts in waitin' and keeps the same style, enhanced by perfect bass and drums and by an inspired guitar's solo. TONIGHT sees bass guitar as starring, the whole thing in a darker environment softened by well-managed vocals. The song is really various, with a crescendo in the middle based on Hard Rock riffs in THIN LIZZY's mood, before first runaway that opens to a shredding solo. Next this song is able to shows another classic runaway, increasing the speed in the last doubt..a stunning song that we choose as our fav! DEAD MAN'S EYE begins more epic and goes on in classic mood, while S.T.B. is an acoustic guitar intro that opens LOST, closer to TANK and faster NWOBHM bands. If PHOTOGRAPH is less visceral, KEEPING THE PAIN ALIVE, after an instrumental intro, shows a more complex structure, without increasing rhythms.

TRACKLIST 1. Attack! 2. Jack's Nightmare 3. Tonight 4. Dead Man's Eye 5. S.T.B. 6. Lost 7. Photograph 8. Keeping the Pain Alive

LINE UP Bryan McGill VC GT John Allom BG BV Liam Mulpetre GT BV Kristoffer Wylie DR 



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